It began with the Real Estate meltdown

Bonnie Russell stops Angelo Mozilo from coming to San Diego 

and continued, with tipping reporters to a very odd ER Doctor.


Bonnie Russell quoted in 7 scams elders to watch for, in Bankrate.



Got a case with John A. LeBouef ?

The Court of Appeal found that LeBouef  “used his license to take advantage of an elderly and mentally infirm person to enrich himself,” Justice Kenneth Yegan wrote for the appeals court. “The trial court factual findings are disturbing, fatal to appellant’s contentions, and suggest criminal culpability.” More on the possible criminal case encouraging the DA to file charges is here.


Former Law Firm Partner - and President of the local County Bar Association, convicted of practicing law without a license.  Kimberly Kitchen had been practicing trusts and estates, for ten years.


NBC reports:  How the California State Bar assists ex-felon attorneys, rip off their clients.

February  - Memphis attorney Keith Dobbs removed from four Veteran's conservator cases.

January - California Judge John Trice disciplined for cheating ex-wife out of retirement benefits.


AR: Judge Boeckmann accused of having sex with defendants, and then having some work for family member's Wynne Elder Care facility.

Oh, and Judge Boeckmann seems to like little boys.

AR:  Faulkner County Judge David Lasser dismisses former judge (now convicted felon) Michael Maggio from Nursing home lawsuit.

CA:  Morro Bay attorney James John Patrick Fennacy, 50, pleaded no contest to a single felony charge of grand theft over $950. Prosecutors dropped an enhancement alleging he stole more than $65,000 worth of property
from a client’s trust fund. Fennacy allegedly embezzled the money between November 2012 and November 2013.

NY:  New York Police Officer Blanche O'Neal stole home from Lillian Hudson, had her heir arrested.

CA:  Hayward - Retired Hayward Police Officer Michael Beal, a 27 year veteran, charged in scamming mentally ill woman out of savings.

CA:  Sacramento firefighter arrested in elder burglary.  Later, Fire Chief mystified by crime.

TX:  Attorney assumes dead woman's identity.

NH:  Special Judge Strafford County Superior

Court and Probate Judge Gary Cassavechiaover-seeing police officer's "inheritance" draws attention.

UT:  City Councilman appears in elder abuse  charge

CA  Attorney took $500 from deceased clients

State of California: Judge Paul Seeman resigns

CA:  Judge Paul Seeman is given probation.

CA:  Former police commander wife, arrested in elder scam of neighbor.


Judge Paul Seeman pleads guilty to stealing from his elderly neighbor.

From the "oldie but goodie file"

Judge Sullivan.

aka:  a real piece of work.

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We tip reporters to great stories, have consulted on legal documentaries, and are happy to suggest some great attorneys, should you run into trouble.  We also don't hesitate to work against bad actors who have ripped off their clients; and, in some cases, neighbors. Our success rate includes assisting two DA's in two counties for criminal prosecutions for embezzlement, and the unauthorized practice of law, that included prison time.  One issue being a few attorneys who continue to "practice" online while fighting disbarment, including, after their appeals failed.

For individuals released from prison who returned to employment in the "health care" field, we've alerted business owners who hired a few as "Office Manager" after the individual passed a thorough "background check."

(Ineffective background checks by companies promising "a thorough history" review, remains a largely unreported issue.)


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