Got a bad feeling?  Trust it.  Ask for another opinion, and maybe another.

Areas of interest

The basics of every elder financial crime excluding hacked on-line accounts; is misplaced trust.  We are in the business of restoring hope, to address the second issue; the lack of oversight.  Sometimes,  an almost, determined lack of oversight.  Our efforts address both. 

A secondary concern is a media.  In a youth-driven culture, media could devote more time on elder financial issues.   By example, while our detailed report Detailing the names and dollar amounts of physicians earned in November 19, 2010; nine months later, NBC lead with "Is your Doctor pushing pills" in September20,  2011  minus the names of physicians and amounts made.

Below are some tried and true, warning signs.

Warning signs:  If bank and stock records begin to disappear after financial investment brokers, neighbors, physicians, caregivers show a sudden, interest in your welfare.   Contact your bank.  Your new friend might not be a friend.

Warning signsIf Mom or Dad marries their attorney.


Rancho Santa Fe Attorney ordered to pay charities.

The attorney is Carl Dimeff his specialty is "trust and estates."  Attached is the order.

May 8, 2014
Tulsa, OK

Remember those long prison sentences for crimes committed against seniors?  Rethink that to half or less. We recently discovered Bonnie Cambalik, the focus of a ten year court-centric, elder financial abuse scam out of Riverside County, CA,  (featuring the happy to facilitate crime,  Judge William H. Sullivan who also purchased property from a case he was overseeing,)  was out of prison, and again working in the "healthcare" field, exactly as one person who knew her, predicted.

Cambalik had been sentenced to 26 years, after admitting to caretaker abuse.  When we notified her new employer, David Jones, of the Tulsa based, Eclipse Healthcare; he balked, seemingly more interested in who we were and why we were calling than answering questions about her.  Eventually Jones assured us he had done a thorough background check prior to hiring Cambalik, who was employed in as Office Manager in his Omaha, Nebraska location.  We thank Oklahoma representative, Dr. Mike Ritze for confirming a background check, albeit faulty, was made.  Cambalik is no longer listed as "Office Manager" on the Eclipse website.

While it's important to remember rehabilitation and forgiveness once a person has "done their time," including prison time cut in half; it's likewise prudent to include a lifetime ban in any field involving "healthcare" and finance involving seniors.

April 14
San Diego

August 13, 2013:  Arrest.  Alameda Superior Court judge Judge Paul Seeman was charged with 12 felonies after preying on a neighbor after her husband died.  For that story, click here.  Judge Seeman posted bail and (sadly) remained on the bench.  It is likely complaints to the Judicial Commission won't be acted upon until the matter has concluded.  But feel free to make complaints now.  Also, the presiding judge could reassign Seeman, but that would involve restoring public confidence in judges, and as was recently demonstrated at, restoring confidence in the bench appears not to be on any judicial agenda.

October 13, 2013:  Headline should have been titled, "Crime pays!" Seeman, who substantially enriched himself, gets probation.

Pinole PD Commander Matthew Messier and his wife Elizabeth Regalado, arrested for elder financial abuse. after gaining control of their neighbor Jean Phyllis Jones' entire estate, and putting them into a trust they alone controlled.
Case against wife dismissed, he's set for pre-trial on June 10th and trial on August, 18, 2014.

In the "here comes the judge" category; it's worse.  We will be following both cases.

NY:  AId accused of stealing from client.

August 2010:  Attorney complains of theft.


In 2013, a California legislator proposed eliminating the boards overseeing physician and psychologist licensing as they have repeatedly demonstrated a keen interest in protecting bad actors.  We agree. Sadly, there was no general interest among legislators to do so.

It's not just the care givers the family must be concerned with or about.  As has been demonstrated attorneys and others hired to protect the resources of elders; must themselves be monitored.   Increasingly, police departments are adding staff to handle financial crime specifically targeted for the elderly and infirm.   In this regard we will not be addressing those so called, "care-givers." 

One of our goals is to assist legislators to write more protective legislation for seniors.  We welcome your input.