Is everything old, new again?

We recently became aware of one of those "Emergency Petitions" for Conservatorship, of RIta McCarthy, this time filed in Indio by Michael Schwartz from Calabasas, minusnotification to Rita's daughter, Yvonne, who had been operating in a conseversator capacity for about year. Schwartz was representing Scott McCarthy, who had earlier been caught inappropriately accessing a Safety Deposit box at Union Bank. Schwartz showed up in court with one Kenneth Jenkins, suited up and ready to assume his new role of "Conservator."

Good news - New judge?

Fortunately, Judge Randall White was not impressed by the notice avoidance to Yvonne, as not provided by Schwartz.  Next hearing will be on May 12, 2015.  

The most important aspect of a conservator is they care about their the people whose quality of life they are trying to "conserve."  The best way to figure that out is through their history.  Conservatorship should not be a parasitic, fast-track to wealth it once became in Riverside County.

We contacted the owner of Eclipse who was less than pleased to hear the news.  The owner claimed to have conducted an extensive background check.

However, when the owner refused to identify the name of the firm conducting the background check, we asked an Oklahoma legislator to kindly determine the name of the firm, which he did.  We suspect the firm won't be used for background checks for state employees.

In 2000, California Lawyer's cover story, "Guardian Angels" by attorney Christoper Manes, revealed the County of Riverside had been assisting in what was essentially, a criminal enterprise victimizing Riverside County seniors.  Likely the worst was Judge Will (Bill) Sullivan, who purchased property of those whose conservatorship he was overseeing.   Once Sullivan’s real estate holdings were discovered, the Riverside District Attorney's office finally jump started their investigation.  Previously, the County balked whenever asked to investigate problems within the office.

Then the Judicial Commission weighed in. 

Folks wondered how Sullivan avoided prison.

Fast Forward.

Bonnie Cambalik is out of prison. 

We discovered Cambalik was working as office manager for Eclipse Healthcare, based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma,  (and still maintaining she has a degree from USC).

Riverside County - 15 years after the debacle